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Applicability Of The Modified Global Target Compliance Index In Dental Specialties Centers

The Centers of Dental Specialties are characterized as reference units for Primary Care assuming a minimum monthly production of procedures in the specialties of Periodontics, Endodontics, Basic Procedures for People with Special Needs (PNE), and Oral Surgery. As a way of analyzing the performance of the CEOs, an indicator called Global Goal Achievement (CGM) was built. This work aimed to evaluate the production of the CEOs of the State of Paraíba according to the Modified Global Goal Achievement Index (CGMM). 

Dentistry has shown constant evolution represented by different stages of professionalization and marked by the consolidation of specialization and an increase in professional qualification. Thus, through a survey of data on the numbers of Dental Surgeons (CDs), the research aims to characterize the current national panorama of the distribution of specialist CDs among the different dental specialties, as well as among the number of generalists, emphasizing above all among recently recognized dental specialties and the one with the lowest number of professionals working at the national level.

The Dental Specialties Center Starts Operating :

Among the services that the unit will offer is the oral diagnosis, with an emphasis on the diagnosis and detection of oral cancer; periodontics (gum treatment), endodontics (root canal treatment), total and partial removable prosthesis, care for people with special needs, and oral surgery.

There is a wide variety of problems and conditions that can affect the health of our teeth and gums.

Although obviously, not everyone will suffer from them, there are indeed certain oral diseases more common than others.

This substance very closely imitates the exact shade of the piece, so, even if it is done on the front teeth, it does not affect the aesthetics of the smile.

Applicability Of The Modified Global Target Compliance Index In Dental Specialties Centers

It is important to treat cavities as soon as we notice the first symptoms, which usually translate into pain or discomfort in the tooth and intense sensitivity.

If you do not act quickly, caries will continue to destroy the dental layers and will require a more complex intervention than a filling: a root canal or root canal treatment.

Regardless of the procedure, the intervention of a dentist is essential, since cavities are the leading cause of premature tooth loss in young people.