Common Dental Problems · March 22, 2021 1

What Are The Most Common Dental Problems?

Dental Stains

There are different types and they are due to different causes. Dark spots, for example, are caused by drinking dark drinks, smoking, or the accumulation of plaque (tartar). The white spots, due to the taking of certain medications or aging of the teeth. With a professional dental cleaning or whitening, they can be completely removed.

 Toothache, dry mouth, bad breath … As much as we take care of our hygiene and oral health, the mouth is one of the parts of the human body that suffers the most, so it is easy to develop conditions. In this post, we talk about the ten most frequent dental and oral problems.

1. Halitosis

Bad breath can have various causes, such as snuff, some food, bad mouth wash or suffer any oral disease. The first thing is to do a cleaning to remove bacterial plaque and tartar.

2. Caries

It is the destruction of enamel and dentin caused by bacteria. If they are caught in time, a filling is enough. On other occasions, it is necessary to perform a root canal and even have to remove the piece.

3. Bruxism

Some people clench or grind their teeth, especially while sleeping. As a result, parts wear out. It can even cause a headache or jaw pain. The solution is usually the placement of a splint.

4. Malocclusion

Orthodontics to position and align teeth is the order of the day. Braces are no longer seen only in teenagers. Many adults also cheer up.

5. Periodontitis

Periodontal disease is caused by plaque bacteria, so it is necessary to perform a thorough cleaning. When it evolves, it causes the gums to retract and, as a consequence, the teeth begin to move. 

6. Dental Hypersensitivity

Do your teeth hurt when you drink something very cold or very hot? This sensitivity can be due to several factors, from tooth decay to enamel wear. The dentist is the one who must identify the cause to tackle it.

7. Gingivitis

The main symptoms are inflammation and/or bleeding of the gums. In principle, it has a solution, but if you are not careful, it can turn into periodontitis.

8. Sores

The normal thing is that it is nothing, but when you have a sore that does not go away in 15 days, it is best to go to the dentist to rule out that there is an infection.

9. Broken teeth

There are times when a tooth is cracked or cracked and we don’t see it, but we do notice that it hurts. In that case, you have to go to the dentist.

10. Stained teeth 

When teeth turn from white to yellow or appear stained, a visit to the dentist is also a good idea. It may only be necessary to perform teeth whitening.